My music

I make modern music inspired by old Norse culture performed on relevant ancient instruments.
Still, as they brought their musical instruments back from other cultures, I bring that aspect into my compositions, making it some sort of world music with inspiration from the past.

I don’t keep to “one rule fits all.” Sometimes, my music can be mellow and meditative, other times, tribal and raw. Sometimes, it is filled and spiced up with sounds of all sorts, sometimes naked and honest.

Scroll down to watch a few videos, have a listen to some tracks, or take a look at some of my albums.


Kjell Braaten – Østavind (The breeze from the East)

Much of our culture and music was brought back from the feast.
This is a hymn to those who traveled there and those who came here.
To underline the cultural exchange, I have used only instruments based on accepted finds from Scandinavia, some that origins from the East.
The rhythms and scales are from both cultures.

Kjell Braaten – FRITHR (PEACE)

This is a tribal and raw track with shamanic drums, throat-singing, and old Norse lyrics.
Sometimes mystic, sometimes ecstatic, but still about how you can be the flower that plants seeds of peace in the souls of others.

Kjell Braaten – Frigg

This is a hymn to the Old nordic goddess Frigg. She was the wisest of the gods and the wife of Odin himself.
Frigg was, amongst other things, the goddess for women, birth, and personal grief.
The song is performed on the oldest known Norwegian string instrument, Kravikslyre (ca1600).



Kjell Braaten


Kjell Braaten
Kjell Braaten - Ferd album cover


Kjell Braaten


Kjell Braaten