mcp monserdammerung

A recording of an improvisational performance containing the projects inderst elia, i:wound, medit and b9 origami galaktika.

Acoustic Oscillator

A acoustic remake of the song Universal Oscillator by the quantum field trip.
Recomposed, performed, recorded, mixed, and produced by me.
Mastered by Sven Andréen at Klokkereint.


Drums and percussion (the bass is my drums, hehe) for the track Innocent.

Absolut Gehör

Recorded at Andrebautstellene tonstudio, Berlin. I play the Bass and some guitar on this one.


The two previous singles as one EP.

Kyst (Original version)

The first release of this song.
It is now available in a new, recomposed version on the album Ferd.
Composed, performed, recorded, mixed, and produced by Kjell Braaten.


I arranged the song «Ur Is Ka Ha So,» and the whole album is mixed produced and Co-produced by me.