Den siste ulvejakta?

The first album with the band, and the start of a new era.
Ehwaz is long gone, but the menmbers can nowdays be found in projects like NEBALA, WARDRUNA, HEILUNG, ASTRALSEID, FOLKET BORTAFOR NORDAVINDEN, SONGLEIKR and KJELL BRAATEN


I did the sound engineering and co-production on this one.


Live recording from St. John´s Church, Gdansk, Poland  September 15, 2000.


A split album with the two projects.

At Fellessentralen

Compilation CD-R containing live- recordings from The Almost invisible art of origami Republika exhibition at Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo.
 I Participated as a composer and musician with the projects Origami Republika and Medit (Kjell Braaten).


I did the Drum programming and guitar on tracks A1, A2, and B4


The first album with Varde.
I did backing vocals, Percussion, and other instruments with this band.