At Snippen

A great place, some great people, and loads of equipment. This is the wonderful result.


A combo vinyl release containing one seven-inch, one ten-inch, and one twelve-inch.
I participated as a composer, musician, sound engineer, and producer.


I did the Drum programming and guitar on tracks A1, A2, and B4

Esti Lilled Silmad Süda

I participated in sound engineering, production, Composing, co-composing, and musical performance at this release.

Absolut Gehör

Recorded at Andrebautstellene tonstudio, Berlin. I play the Bass and some guitar on this one.


Kjell Braaten - Ferd album cover

New solo album.
Mainly composed, performed, recorded, mixed, and produced by Kjell Braaten,
Mastered by Sven Andréen at Klokkereint.
See the album cover for more detail about participation, there are loads of interesting artists on this one.